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Our clinic, established in 1983, specializes in dental implantology and is a key to the more complex cases that need special solutions alternative to traditional implants.

Our team, supervised by Dr. Giancarlo Di Giulio, provide professional practice in Milan and Rome relying on a laboratory focused on research, safety and well-being of patients. In the course of over thirty years’ activity we have applied more than 12000 implants: endosseus, iuxtaosseus, twin implant put in place by our experts.

  • Over thirty years’ experience: since 1983 clinics situated in Milan and Rome equipped with cutting-edge dentistry and implantology units
  • A solution to every case where the bone is thin, low and hollow for ample maxillary sinuses where traditional implants cannot be applied to, for this reason our dental experts have realized the twin implant
  • Specialists in endosseous implants and titan implants placed around the bone
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