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Our implantology centre is able to give an answer to the more complex cases, attaining the well-being of patients.

We make use of the more advanced techniques like our twin-implant, made from melt-titan and is applied around the jaw crest, ideal for the cases characterized by reduced height and thickness and for which traditional endosseous implants (screws) cannot be used.

San Babila Day Hospital has been actively working in Milan and Rome since 1983. Our centres specialize mainly in implantology.

A twin implant made from melt-titan is suitable to a reduced jaw crest in terms of height and thickness and for which endosseous implants (screws) cannot be used.

Endosseous implants and post-extraction and trans-mucosa variants are recommended so as to avoid any alteration in face aesthetics, dental invalidity and reduced jaw crest as well as to restore physiological chewing function.