Answers by Dr. Giancarlo Di Giulio, Dental Implantologist.

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Who is compatible with the “Di Giulio Twin Implant”?

Actually, everybody. Thanks to the way it is fixed around the bone, the “Twin Implant” is suitable especially for patients who cannot be implanted with screws. These limitations can be due to natural bone structure, pyorrhoea or long-lasting use of prosthesis.

Which way is a patient considered adequate to wear this type of implant?

A 128 multislice CAT scan is effected in order to create a stereo-lithographic model of the jawbone crest, which faithfully reproduces the maxillary and mandibular structure to be implanted..

I have already some screws placed in. Can I have a “Twin Implant” to replace other teeth?

Of course, you can. This type of implant can coexist with other screw-based implants.

Is there an age limit to a “Twin Implant” ?

Minimum age is 20 when the bone has fully developed. There is no maximum age limit.

Are there any contraindications?

Non compensated diabetics and smoking. Regarding diabetics, whoever is under regular treatment, may be subject to such implant, instead, heavy smokers have got to stop it.

Is the operation painful?

It is not, as the implant is placed under local anaesthesia, like for extractions. Whenever patients feel anxious, they are administered intravenous sedation.

What does the operation consist of?

As soon as the implant is ready, it will be placed around the bone in a very short time and the fibromucosa stitched.
A temporary prosthesis is applied, which will be substituted after 20/30 days with a definitive one.

After extraction of my teeth, how long shall I wait to get the implant executed?

Mostly the implant can be inserted after 2 – 3 months’ time following the extraction.

I have been wearing a prosthesis for long and now I need some glue to keep it in place. Can I still choose an implant?

Of course, you can. Follow implantologist’s advice.

Why is the implant made of titanium?

Among metals, titanium is the most biocompatible one and gets perfectly integrated with bones.

How is it possible to customize the implant?

Because it is designed on the stereo-lithographic mould of patient’s bone. Furthermore, as it is made in our in-house laboratory, the implantologist can keep every processing step under control: from project to the prosthesis.

How can the mould of patient’s bone be obtained?

With the aid of a 128 multislice CAT scan which provides a 3-D picture of the bone.

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