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So far new treatment system BEMER represents the more refined and efficient method used in complementary and preventive medicine. It stimulates micro circulation in the organs in the event it is constrained or altered. It is a medical method officially approved of in the EU.

Over the last 15 years 46 publications came out, four of them were scientific studies on BEMER therapy.
BEMER improves the blood flow to the smallest blood vessels, enhancing natural healing process body regeneration.
The blood system is a real supply for the human body.
It is thanks to this supplying and cleaning process that cells can carry out their vital duties and re-supply the body with the energy required.
The heart pushes red blood cells over the huge vessel system that is like an enormous 3D network. Releasing nutrients and oxygen while taking away the metabolic waste occurs exclusively into micro vessels (capillaries).

Considering that a part of the system including micro vessels is over 120,000 Km long, it is easy to understand that the heart is not powerful enough to distribute the blood over such a big system. Thus, the heart is given an actual support by smaller blood vessels that spontaneously and naturally put in place the pumping action (vessel-motion) by bringing the blood cells around.
Vascular therapy BEMER can efficiently contribute to fight the slow-down of vessel-motion. Through a stimulating activity based on specific signals (released with the aid of electromagnetic waves) BEMER enhances the pumping function of micro vessels and normalizes the blood flow and restores the supply to the cells.

BEMER therapy is a valid aid in the pharmacological therapy for the diseases indicated hereunder.

Diabetes. Improving blood circulation within smaller vessels by electromagnetic waves, plenty of symptoms and life quality can be enhanced.

Immune system. By BEMER therapy, we can obtain a remarkably improved system and therefore a better defence against diseases.

Osteoporotic bone. Positive results are recorded in the event of hard-healing fractures or never-healing fractures. It is ascertained that an improved micro circulation can lead to more stable endo-prosthesis and instable prosthesis can be stabilized again.

Pain treatment. All pain stimuli are due to a bio-chemical alteration in the cell tissue and surface. By an adequate electromagnetic signal – as it is produced by BEMER – it is to remark an acceleration in injury and bone healing, reaching 40%.

Depressive Disorder. A pulsed electromagnetic field therapy – as it is BEMER 3000 – can achieve excellent results.

Parkinson. Parkinson’s disease is a neurological pathology at an elderly age. BEMER therapy helps to improve the parameters of blood flow, support long-distance mechanisms of natural adjustment. Improved physiological effects on the functional status of micro circulation and an increase in oxygen in capillary tissues.

Chronic fatigue syndrome. It is a condition of a serious psycho-physical fatigue, already ascertained although clinically obscure. BEMER therapy helps to improve the parameters of the blood flow.

Back pain. 70% of the population in western industrialized countries are affected at least once a year by acute lumbago (low back pain).

Sleep. Recent research studies show that at night there is a re-distribution of the blood in our body. Thus, BEMER therapy can be followed even at night and not only at daytime.

Stress. Several studies show that stress is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

Lymphatic system disorder (Edema- Hematoma-Lymphoedema). Low back pain. Sciatica and Pain. Chronic neurological disorder (Alzheimer). Blood circulation disorder (Raynaud’s disease). Soft tissue disorder (Digestive, reproductive system). Dermatologic disorders (Acne, Psoriasis, Eczema). Burns. Relaxation. Sport treatment. Training treatment for Sport Competitions. Sport Season. Acute articular traumatic muscular injuries of sportsmen and non-metabolic disorders. Sores and diabetic ulcers. Post-surgery treatment. Scleroderma. Lupus. After placement of endo-prosthesis Hip. After placement of Dental implants.