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Acupuncture is a prescientific medical system developed in China over 3000 years ago and still in use in China and western countries.

According to this medical model, everything in our body and in the universe is energy.
Acupuncture point is exactly the zone in our body surface where energy emerges and becomes manipulative. Stimulating these areas helps to act on the energy flow within ducts both locally and at a distance, on the surface and deeply.
From a western modern point of view, acupuncture proves to stimulate the secretion of endorphins, by controlling pain, increasing cortisol rate and showing an anti-inflammatory effect. Therefore, Acupuncture remains a technique that unveils verifiable and repeatable results.
A large number of pathologies can be positively treated by acupuncture. The World Health Organization recommends the use of acupuncture for the treatment of over 100 pathologies.
Each year hundreds of research studies are conducted in order to demonstrate how efficient and extensive acupuncture is, being used in several clinic conditions.

Hereunder is a list of diseases that can be positively treated by acupuncture:

  • Metabolic diseases: diabetes complications, slight artery hypertension;
  • Gastroenterological diseases: heartburn, constipation, diarrhoea, haemorrhoids, dyspepsia, irritable bowel, colitis;
  • Gynaecological diseases: infertility, dysmenorrhea, pre-menstrual syndrome, menopause disorders;
  • Genitourinary diseases: cystitis, impotence, nocturnal enuresis;
  • Neurological diseases: Bell’s paralysis, trigeminal neuralgia, migraine, muscle-tension headache, brain stroke follow-up;
  • Psychiatric diseases: depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia;
  • Dermatological diseases: acne, dermatitis, eczema, herpes simplex, herpes zoster;
  • Otolaryngological diseases: vertigo, tinnitus, sinusitis
  • Ophthalmic diseases: blepharon spasm, conjunctivitis;
  • Musculoskeletal diseases: acute and chronic articular pain, arthrosis, arthritis, bursitis, sciatica, low back pain, painful shoulder, gout, fibromyalgia;
  • Hematologic diseases: leukopenia;
  • Substance addiction: cigarette, alcohol and drugs.