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Assures rehabilitation with fixed prosthesis even if the bone is thin, low and hollow

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San Babila Day Hospital based in Milan and Rome, established in 1983, is provided with cutting-edge dentistry and implantology units. The implantology team, supervised by Dr. Giancarlo Di Giulio have put in place the “twin implant” which is a key to all cases when the bone is thin, low or hollow for ample maxillary sinuses where traditional implants cannot be applied to. From the ’80s on, we have executed thousands of implants that are still in use. The team relies on a laboratory where the research is always in evolution to the benefit of safety and well-being of patients.


As I’ve always had problems with teeth and caries, devitalizations and so on, at the age of 40 I opted for an implant hoping to put an end to my troubles……….and EUREKA since 2010 to date excellence model centre is there….. extraordinary system, skilled team, amazing efficiency, warm ambiance, special care and competence, which makes this centre a real lighthouse for whoever wants to live free from any dental pathologies.

Many thanks to everybody.

Patient Code 8366, Milan, 17.6.2014

Dear Prof. Dr. Di Giulio
in the year 2000 I had a iuxta-osseous implant and after other dentists’ operations, I found your action definitely appropriate and absolutely crucial. I am so thankful to you Professor along with your full team as you have skilfully resolved my problem, especially as I am an opera singer and to me pronunciation is as necessary as the air we breath in.
Thanks again.

Patient Code 1201, Milan, 18.05.2012
I’d like to express all my gratitude and satisfaction with the iuxta-osseous implant I placed in November 2010 at S. Babila Day Hospital.
I was getting out of a hard stage in my life, I experienced useless attempts and the only chance I had was a removable prosthesis, which means a lot of psycho-physical problems. Thanks to the success of this implant my life changed and I restarted eating and enjoying food, I became more self-confident and first of all I enjoyed smiling again.
Thank you.
Patient Code 8659, Milan, 20.02.2012