Dental Implantologist Antonio T. Di Giulio
He is the Health Director of the San Babila Day Hospital in Milan and Rome and the Chief of the Implantology Research Team.
Dr. Antonio Di Giulio is a surgeon, specialized in Dentistry, Dental Prosthesis and General Anaesthesia. He studied with Prof. Leonard Linkow, who invented the endosseous plate-based implant: they delivered lectures together in the ‘70s. He worked in Italy as an expert for the Implants International of New York, as assistant in Maxillofacial Surgery Dept. to Dr. R. Molinari, head physician, at the Cancer Institute of Milan (in 1981-1982), as under-contract professor of Maxillofacial Surgery and Dentistry at the Speciality School of Odontostomatology at the Catholic University of Rome (1986 to 1994).
In 1970, at the Carlo Erba Foundation based in Milan, Prof. Di Giulio was granted “Golden Ambrogino Award” by Mayor Mr. Aniasi for his contribution to the implantology research. Member of ADI (Association of Dental Implantology of London ,1999); second-degree expert as “Odontologist-Implantologist” at the Court of Milan. 

Statistical note: 

- over 12,000 implants including “endosseous, juxta-osseous, juxta-endosseous-osteointegrated” and “twin implant”

Dental Implantologist Giancarlo Di Giulio
As Surgeon and Odontologist, he got a degree in Medicine and Surgery in 1984 at the State University in Milan. ADI (Association of Dental Implantology of London 1999) member and assistant to Dr. Antonio Di Giulio.
He runs surgeries in Milan and Rome.
He supervises the team dedicated to dental-implantology research and is responsible for prosthesis and implantology laboratory within the San Babila Day Hospital in Milan.


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